Think twice when transferring your domains from TransIP

I recently started migrating all of my 700 domainnames from TransIP to and notices something strange; every time that I transferred a domainname I got a invoice from TransIP for a renewal.

At first I thought this must be a hiccup in their system, so I send a message to TransIP asking them to check out their system. They told me that the domain has been transferred after the renewal date. This was not true because the domain had over 3 months left.

TransIP had made a individual invoice for every transfer and told me that all the domains where passed there renewal date, once again they were not.

After numerous replies Support told me that their system was wrong and I received a few credit invoices, now let’s hope that they will actually pay out.

UPDATE: I just migrated a few clients from TransIP to another provider and they got the exact same thing. It now seems to look like this is just a side hustle of TransIP…

The Age Of The Fake News Is Yet To Come

An update from the Wild Wild West of fake news technologies: A team of computer scientists have figured out how to make words come out of the mouth of former President Barack Obama — on video — by using artificial intelligence.

The researchers accomplished this feat not by cutting and pasting his body into different scenes — but by having a computer system called a neural network study hours and hours of video footage, to see how Obama’s mouth moves. Computers could then manipulate his lips and contort them to have any word come out.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

How To Spy On People With Through Their Own Webcam? the worlds biggest IoT [Internet Of Things] search engine has recently added the port 554 to the queries. Port 554 is the main port for streaming devices such as the Panasonic IP Camera. Although you need to have a premium account get a quicklink to seeing unsecure webcams there is a way to see them with a free account with the query:

port:554 has_screenshot:true


Image courtesy of Stocksnap at Pexels, a honest review

I work in cyberland for quite a while now. It all started when I was 16 and started Internet Concurrent afterwards I started Quebit (which I have been kicked out of by the guys I thought were my friends, read all about this in my previous posts).
I have also done a shitload of internships at hosting companies (one who I actually took over a later stage in my life, tapping on my shoulder for that!).

So in my current company we manage clients their servers and trying to fight off hackers. This can be a exhausting and very difficult job, especially when hacks keep on finding new ways to exploit our clients. Then why we teamed up with BitNinja. BitNinja is like having a security team working on your server 24/7, only they aren’t. It a script that works together with other servers to create a ‘machine-learning’ platform of Anti-Hacker-Software.

So what exactly is BitNinja?

  • BitNinja is an integrated set of modules that protect servers from various malicious attacks on multiple protocols, all at the same time. Each module uses different techniques to prevent and/or detect an attack as soon as possible.
  • The IP Filtering Module: Highly developed Botnet Protection which not only blocks access to malicious domains to limit the risk, it also prevents infected systems from connecting back to the botnet’s control servers. It works in the deep of your OS, so you will not notice when BitNinja is working.
  • The DoS Protection Module: A network supervising module that can suppress excessive malicious traffic to prevent the most common DoS attacks.
  • The Web Application Firewall (WAF): This module protects our clients’ websites from the most common attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflowing or data thefts. It monitors, filters and blocks incoming malicious traffic on HTTP protocol in real-time.
  • The Log Analyzer: This automatic module is responsible for analyzing log files in real time (access logs, error logs, auth log, control panel login logs, MySQL, Nginx, and FTP) and takes the necessary actions if any malicious activity is detected.
  • Malware Detection: Up-to-date detection technologies are combined with traditional methods to help increase the efficiency of malicious object detection and support proactive protection against new hostile programs.
  • The Captcha Module: The concept behind this module is actually what makes BitNinja great. The system monitors and maintains a reputation database of more than 4 million IPs in real time. This reputation is based on the previous history of each IP activity to prevent false-positive blocks with its 4-level reputation ranking:
    • No threat reputation – It’s a harmless IP, that hasn’t got into any recent incidents. In the past, it may have generated some issues, but it has been solved successfully and doesn’t treat anybody now.
    • Low threat reputation – This IP is on the Greylist because it has generated some suspicious requests against our protected devices. We inform the IP owner about their IP’s suspicious behavior and grant them a possibility to remove themselves from our Greylist by completing the Google Captcha verification.
    • Medium threat reputation – These IPs made more than 500 different suspicious incidents without any human validation (CAPTCHA). When an IP reach this number of incidents it’s categorized as a harmful device. It is no longer provided the possibility to remove themselves via CAPTCHA because they are not allowed to connect to a BitNinja protected server.
    • High threat reputation – Ip’s categorized with High Danger Level, are really heavy attackers. The BitNinja blocks them in all possible ways.

Would you pay 50.000 euro’s for a domain?

It’s sad to tell you that another great brand has gone bankrupt. Macintosh, better known for  Manfield, Dolcis, Invito, PRO Sport, Steve Madden and Intreza was filed bankrupt in 2016. Last week BVA-auctions tried to get the most out of their brands and domains by selling them online through a auction*.

In the lot of domains there was one domain in particular who got a lot of bids: (translated to I don’t think this is a special domain, hell I don’t even know what I would do on it. Nevertheless, domains are booming, and I suggest you invest in some soon!

  • €40.200,00
  • €4.500,00
  • €1275
  • €1170
  • €1100
  • €1075
  • €750
  • €660
  • €300
  • €170
  • €160
  • €160
  • €150
  • €91

*Don’t forget that a online auction also charges a extra fee. So a lot of 100 euro can become 120 euro.

We have entered the age of the pre-canned businesses

Science creates knowledge via controlled experiments, so a data query isn’t an experiment. An experiment suggests controlled conditions; data scientists stare at data that someone else collected, which includes any and all sample biases.

The market is obsolete. Companies have abused the term startup and are now looking for other ways to make a living. Hence comes the Pre-Canned businesses(™).

Nowadays every new startup is a copy of another startup which has been copied by another startup. People who want to make a steady monthly income call themselves entrepreneurs and business owners.

What do you need to become a startup founder? Just programming skills. Being able to talk to a REST API, that is all you need. Any programmer can do this. Behind this REST API is a algorithm built by the best and brightest of data scientists in the world that made themselves (and their fellow data scientists) obsolete. And you, you just need to plug into their system.
I see it all the time; hosting providers who are resellers of another hosting company, amusement website’s who embed the video’s from other websites and adding a prequel to get some of that internet money.


How to let your customers coming back for more?

Your job as a marketeer isn’t selling products, it’s selling a experience.

Inspiring your customers to fall in love with your company requires more than grand gestures. It takes an ongoing investment of consistently great service. This can feel daunting, especially if you’re a small business with limited staff, but by incorporating a few core principles into your business model, customer happiness can be integrated into everything you do.

1. Be human
Customers want to interact with human beings who are friendly and helpful. In every aspect of your company — from email marketing to your help desk — approach people like you would approach neighbors (not the one with the dog who keeps on barking). By creating a human experience, you can spark meaningful relationships with current and future customers.

2. Always listen
Listening is a skill. After all, don’t you hate being interrupted? There are a lot of ways to listen to customers, but the most important thing is to make sure they know you hear them.

During all interactions, mirror back the experiences of customers with understanding. Combined with social listening tools and feedback analysis, this empathetic approach can set off fireworks between you and your community. I use a CRM where I write everything a customer tells me, from the birthday of their spouse to favourite whisky.

3. Be transparent about changes
Every organization is going to hit bumps that disrupt business. Whether it’s a mistake or a data leak, you’re more likely to recover if you get out in front of the problem. Always practice transparency. Share the problem and your concerns, along with any steps you’re taking to resolve the issue.

Don’t forget: Your clients wants to hear about breakthroughs too. 

4. Treat every customer like a VIP
Being a VIP has some real perks. More than any specific benefit, VIP status offers the warm-and-fuzzy that someone values and appreciates you. The good news is that you can give that to every customer, regardless of their budget or needs.

5. Value consistency
In the service industry, you’re only as good as the last meal you serve — and that’s true of any customer service business. It actually takes 12 positive experiences to offset one not-so-great interaction.

To hit the mark every time, companies need to empower employees with cohesive values, standards and guidelines for interacting with customers. The trick is to provide consistency in the level of service while still enabling team members to play to their strengths.

8. Apologize
Saying sorry is always essential, but sorry isn’t always enough. Companies need to put that sentiment into action to make customers fall in love. First, fix the actual issue. Next, make up for the fact that there was a problem at all.



Honest Review: DJI GO App

When you make great hardware, don’t forget to make great software.

I have been using a lot of DJI’s Drones and Stabilisers, and they work great. But since my Samsung S7 had a update to Android 7.0 Nougat it has been a cinematic pain in the ass.

It started a few days ago when I was collecting my gear to take to Czech-Republic (DJI Phanton 3 and DJI OSMO). To be sure that all the latest firmware was installed I launched the app and got a weird notice:
DJI GO 4 does not support the current Display size setting and may behave unexpectedly.
The app now is completely useless. It won’t start. I have reinstalled the DJI GO app, cleared the cache and did everything a skilled engineer would do. But it just won’t budge!

Do you know how to fix this? Please help me out!


Isn’t it weird that we have one hand who can do everything and one hand that just wait and says “I don’t know how to hold a pencil”.

Amish food

Woke up this morning starving for some Amish food. I don’t ever recall eating Amish food, and there seem to be no sit-down or take-out options where I live.